​Services & Packages



​​​Personal Training 

Yna Ffit provides in-home personal training with programs designed to suit your specific fitness needs. Before selecting a program, each client receives an initial assessment to determine which approach will lead to maximum results. Personal training packages can include nutritional coaching as well as performance, rehabilitation and therapeutic massage.

       Individualized fitness program for clients who need help with training and have already incorporated proper nutrition into their lifestyle.          ​

Individualized program focused on rehabilitation for clients who need help recovering from injury or surgery after release by a medical professional. Utilizes Active Release Technique massage therapy and strength training to promote pain-free functional movement patterns.

       Individualized program focused on both nutrition and physical training. Helps clients reach health and wellness goals by approaching them from two different angles, doubling the potential for effective results.

Semi-Private Personal Training

With semi-private training, a client can train with a spouse, partner or friend in a program specifically designed to meet each individual’s personal goals. Training with one or two other clients fosters an atmosphere of mutual motivation without sacrificing peace of mind that each client is receiving the attention and customized guidance necessary to achieve a safe and effective training session.

Small Group Personal Training

Small group training consists of 4-6 people, allowing clients to work out with friends and family in a training program designed to meet group-based fitness goals. This might include a group training for a race, summer beach body or general fitness—a fun option for clients looking to pursue their health and wellness goals with the support of a community they trust.


4-week individualized program based on consultation and evaluation.


Physical and nutritional assessment to provide information about which health and wellness areas require improvement, change or continuation of behavior.

Massage Therapy

  • Active Release Technique: soft tissue manipulation that focuses on releasing injured or overused muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves
  • Deep Tissue
  • Swedish
  • Sports Massage
  • Spa Parties: pamper yourself and your friends with massage sessions lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour

​​Holistic Training
Personal training, nutritional coaching and massage therapy all wrapped up in one. Based on a client’s individual needs, Yna Ffit develops a program to support healthy body changes as a whole for maximum results.

ART Training
45-minute training session coupled with 30 minutes of Active Release Technique massage therapy. This session maximizes a client’s time, releasing body imbalances resulting from injury or overuse without setting aside additional time to train the muscles that have become weak or dysfunctional. 

PNM Training

Monthly programming, nutritional coaching and massage therapy designed for clients who know how to train but need a structured program to guide their efforts. This program features less one-on-training with the benefit of nutritional coaching and monthly massages, depending on desired package level.