It has been a great learning experience to work with Tiffany, her professionalism and work ethic has brought my fitness to the next level. It was a lot of fun as well, which made the hours of hard work pass by quicker! :) I’m very thankful for the opportunity I have been given to work with her!  

-Daniela Hantuchova

    The first time I met Tiffany, it was in geometry class in high school. She made me so mad because she asked  the teacher to go over a problem again but the bell was about the ring. When the class began to mutter, she simply replied “We all need to get good grades so we need to go over it again”. I had never met a kid so determined and concerned about the betterment of others. She is still like this today and we have been best friends ever since. After having two children, I have had moments where I felt very insecure about my body. Tiffany has always been honest but caring towards me and pushes me to reach my fitness goals—not as a friend, but as an awesome trainer. I am beyond lucky that she is my trainer—except when it’s time to do planks….then I am reminded of geometry class all over again….

-R&B Singer, PatriceLIVE


​  A year ago I had severe arthritis in my right hip and was limping badly. The muscles around my hip were tighter than a tight rubber band. I had shooting groin pain when I climbed stairs. I went to my orthopedist, who ordered an MRI.  The results were not good.  He suggested that I under go hip replacement surgery.  At age 57, I thought it was too early for such a procedure.  I countered and told him that I would try therapy first.  Fortunately at this precise period, I met Tiffany.  Tiffany worked on trying to release and strengthen the muscles around my hip joint using massage: myofascial, ART, trigger point release and light weight training.  The results were not only amazing, but also so liberating.  The limp, although not completely gone, is far less pronounced than it was, I no longer have groin pain when climbing stairs, and I am able to walk and move a lot more fluidly than before.  I can even jog again, an activity which I had to stop doing due to pain.   Tiffany has improved my quality of life tremendously.  She has also helped me improve my fitness level.  She is totally devoted to her job and she puts that devotion wholeheartedly into improving the health and well being of her clients.  Her total focus is on making a positive difference. - Monica W.

“I began working with Tiffany two years ago following a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.  I decided it was time to fulfill my strength potential, as one never knows where this disease might take you. Tiffany has continuously demonstrated a passion for training while incorporating the necessary knowledge to manage MS. I am stronger and have better balance then I have ever had in my lifetime. Tiffany utilizes an individualized approach that updates goals on an ongoing basis. She constantly diversifies training to incorporate the entire body and makes workouts fun and interesting, certainly never boring.  Most importantly, she is always watching for correct form with each exercise. I love her personality… a combination of tough, upbeat, kind, and funny. We truly have a great time together while achieving great results. I have worked with other trainers over the years and nobody compares to Tiffany. She is the best.”      

 ---JFK, Rockville, MD

" I have worked with Tiffany since May 2011. Thanks to her workouts, motivation and support, I have reshaped my body and lost 40lbs"   

-Linda W.

I initially started training with Tiffany because of IT band issues, and I can honestly say that she is the best trainer I've ever worked with. She's a consummate professional: always on time, and always ready to go. More importantly, she's helped me reach and then exceed every goal (whether the goals were for strength, flexibility, or something else) I've set without cutting any corners by emphasizing the importance of sound mechanics and flexibility. Awesome trainer -- couldn't be happier! 

-Adam Roffman